Zechariah 9

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Old Testament


An oracle

1 teh werd ov teh lord iz against teh land ov hadrach An will rest upon damascus 4 da eyez ov doodz an all teh tribez ov israel R on teh lord2 an upon hamath 2, which borders on it, An upon tyre an sidon, though they r vry skillful.

3 tyre has built herself stronghold; She has heapd up silvr liek dust, An gold liek teh dirt ov teh streets.

4 but teh lord will taek away her posesshuns An destroy her powr on teh sea, An she will be consumd by fire.

5 ashkelon will c it an fear; Gaza will writhe in agony, An ekron 2, 4 her hope will withr. Gaza will lose her king An ashkelon will be desertd.

6 foreigners will occupy ashdod, An im gonna cut off da pride ov teh filistinez.

7 im gonna taek teh blood frum their mouths, Teh forbidden fud frum tween their teeth. Dose hoo r left will belong 2 r ceilin cat An become leaders in judah, An ekron will be liek teh jebusiets.

8 but im gonna defend mah houz Against maraudin forcez. Nevr again will an oppresor overrun mah peeps, 4 nao im keepin watch.

Teh comin ov zions king (a.k.a. Jesus)

9 rejoice greatly, o daughtr ov zion! Shout, daughtr ov jerusalem! C, ur king [b] comez 2 u, Righteous an havin salvashun, Gentle an ridin on donkey, On colt, teh foal ov donkey.10 im gonna taek away teh chariots frum efraim An teh war-horsez frum jerusalem, An teh battle bow will be brokd. He will proclaim peace 2 teh nashuns. His rule will extend frum sea 2 sea An frum teh rivr [c] 2 teh endz ov teh earth. [d]

11 as 4 u, cuz ov teh blood ov mah covenant wif u, Im gonna free ur prisoners frum teh waterles pit.

12 return 2 ur fortres, o prisoners ov hope; Even nao i announce dat im gonna restore twice as mutch 2 u.

13 im gonna bend judah as i bend mah bow An fill it wif efraim. Im gonna rouse ur sons, o zion, Against ur sons, o greece, An mak u liek warriors sword.

Teh lord will appear

14 den teh lord will appear ovar them; His arrow will flash liek lightnin. Teh sovereign lord will sound teh trumpet; He will march in da storms ov teh south,15 an teh lord almighty will shield them. They will destroy An overcome wif slingstonez. They will drink an rawr as wif wine; They will be full liek bowl Usd 4 sprinklin [e] teh corners ov teh altar.

16 teh lord their ceilin cat will save them on dat dai As teh flock ov his peeps. They will sparkle in his land Liek jewels in crown.

17 how attractiv an beautiful they will be! Grain will mak teh young doodz thriv, An new wine teh young women.

Teh Footnotes

  • a - Zechariah 9:1 or damascus. / 4 da eye ov teh lord iz on all mankind, / as well as on teh tribez ov israel,
  • b - Zechariah 9:9 or king
  • c - Zechariah 9:10 dat iz, teh eufratez
  • d - Zechariah 9:10 or teh end ov teh land
  • e - Zechariah 9:15 or bowl, / liek
Zechariah 9
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